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Yin Yoga
uses a series of postures held for 1-5 minutes to help you relax, gently stretch, and mentally settle into stillness. Yin Yoga promotes deep stretching of the connective tissues (ligaments, bones, and joints of the body) that receive little exercise in the active styles of asana practice. The connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine are targeted. A slow style that creates balance and peace in the mind, it is suitable for most students wanting to expand their practice.

Prenatal Yoga adapts classic yoga postures, breathing, and relaxation techniques to teach awareness of the body. Postures and stretching strengthens your circulation, digestion, uterus and pelvic muscles, so you can relax, rest, re-energise, and feel at ease during your pregnancy. This process allows you to recognise changes in your body and develop the confidence to connect with your unborn baby. It is suitable for all Mums.

Mat Pilates helps you increase your coordination, flexibility, balance and endurance.
Inspired by calisthenics, yoga and ballet, Pilates uses gentle stretches and held postures, with emphasis on spinal and pelvic alignment, to improve your posture, muscle strength and tone (especially core), and gain more awareness in your personal, physical, and mental well-being. Pilates is also helpful in preventing and rehabilitating from injuries. Mat Pilates is suitable for all levels of students as the range of difficulty in the exercises is easily modified.This also means you will always be able to challenge yourself and grow.

Prenatal Pilates uses the Pilates exercises to strengthen your mind and body, preparing you for birth. Pilates is especially beneficial during pregnancy as it activates the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles, its low impact nature allows exercise with no stress on the joints in the body, and its focus on building core strength can help you can achieve a more comfortable pregnancy. Pilates can also stretch and strengthen muscle groups that may weaken and tense due to the postural changes and stresses of pregnancy. Pilates is very adaptable, so it is suitable for all levels of students, and can be modified as the pregnancy progresses and your body and abilities change.


Aromatherapy uses the aroma of essential oils to stimulate the brain. As the oils are absorbed though the skin into the bloodstream, they benefit the whole body and promote healing. If only all medicines were this pleasing to the senses!


Reflexology applies pressure to set points on the feet and hands. As such points are thought to correspond to other areas of the body, it can work at relieving pain.

Chinese Therapy Modality Add-Ons


Cupping is a technique based on traditional Chinese medicine which draws blood from the body to the surface to help relieve internal congestion using careful placement of an inverted, warmed glass on your body. Many cups can be placed on you at one time.

During the treatment, your skin rises, pores open, and blood vessels expand. This allows toxins to leave the body, improves circulation, relieves internal congestion, balances the flow of energy, and restores imbalances within the body.

Heather has been trained in Eastern and Western Cupping, and Remedial Cupping and combines massage and cupping within the session for maximum benefit.

Cupping does leave circles of discoloration on the skin, which usually heal in a few days. It can also cause swelling or other markings on the skin due to excess fluid or release of toxins.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha involves repeated pressured strokes over oiled skin using a ceramic Chinese soup spoon, whose smooth edge is placed against the skin, pressed down firmly, then moved along the skin’s surface down the muscles or along the pathway of the acupuncture meridians.

Gua Sha reduces pain and inflammation, improves healing, and acts as an antioxidant.

After treatment, the skin shows a petechiae (or reddening) that disappears in a few days.


Moxa, meaning “burning herb”, comes from aromatic leaves that have been harvested from the mugwort plant. This is a form of heat therapy which is applied to specific areas of the body, often acupuncture points, warm the area causing pain.This process helps the immune system and increases circulation (which warms the body). This brings more qi and blood flow to an area which further helps ease tight muscles. Also, Moxa therapy has been used to turn breech babies during the final term of pregnancy.

Clearview currently offers indirect moxibustion where a warm sensation is felt in the area.

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